William D Ogden

Hi, my name is William D. Ogden (but I’m more commonly known as Bill Ogden). I am an engineer, a theologian, and a scientist.

My goal is to help Bible believing Christians understand God’s Word, so they may grow spiritually, walk faithfully with God, and defend their faith. God wants His children to be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks the reason for the hope within them. The Revealed Truth ministry seeks to inspire, prepare and challenge you to know and live your Christian faith.

I’ve been searching for truth my whole life. I never grew out of asking “why” and trying to understand the world. I loved studying science because I wanted to understand how things work.

As I studied Quantum Mechanics in college, I realized that it was impossible to know everything. The more I studied, things got more complex rather than simpler. As I searched for the meaning of life, the only answer I got from Evolution was to “survive and reproduce.” That didn’t satisfy me, so I kept on searching and seeking to understand.

I was raised in liberal protestant (Presbyterian and Congregational) churches. I heard the Bible stories, learned the Ten Commandments, and studied the life of Christ in the gospels, but I never heard The Gospel. I was taught about the Bible, but those churches did not really teach Bible truth.

That form of Christianity made no sense to me. I was told that I would be OK as long as I did more good than bad. But if heaven was earned by good behavior, why did Jesus die? Why would God become a man and die on a cross just to be an example?

Now I am a born again, Bible believing Christian

I heard The Gospel for the first time while in the Navy at the age of 23. When I learned that Jesus came to live a sinless life and pay the price of my sin by dying on the cross, it suddenly made sense.

I then understood that I could never do enough good to pay for the bad I had already done. I was a sinner in need of a savior, and God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to pay for our sins and save our souls. The blood Jesus Christ shed on the cross paid the penalty for my sins, so I would not have to pay it.

So, I trusted Jesus as my personal savior. As soon as I did, my life changed. All things became new. My old sinful desires fell away, and I had a hunger and thirst to know God. I wanted to know and understand everything. So I started reading the Bible every day.

When I got out of the Navy, I went to Calvary Baptist Seminary to get formal Bible and theology training. I earned a Master of Divinity degree while working full time and raising a family. I did not feel called to full time service when I graduated though. I had gotten a job at Merck making vaccines and continued working as an engineer in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

I kept on studying the Bible

Every year since I was saved, I have read the Old Testament at least once (over 42 times total) and the NT at least twice (over 84 times total). I now feel called to be a voice crying in the electronic wilderness helping people understand the Truth revealed in God’s Word.

I invite you to study the Bible along with me. It would be a privilege to be of service by helping you draw closer to God.

Please let me know if you have any Bible questions. If you have a question, many other people may be wondering about it too.

I now feel called to be a voice crying in the electronic wilderness helping people understand the Truth revealed in God’s Word.

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