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The Flat Irons in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
The Flat Irons

Why? – Searching for the Meaning of Life

This article is for people searching for the meaning of life.  In it I  share my search for purpose.  It also tells of a Colorado University student who was looking for answers to the question, Why?, while hiking in the foothills in Boulder, Colorado.


Time to Choose


God is not pleased by those who try to straddle the fence.  Many people try to blend belief in the God of the Bible with the teachings of men.  It is time to decide whose side you are on.

The Sin Triangle

Sin Leads to DeathThis article is a a spiritual application of a technical article, named “The Contamination Triangle” that I published in BioProcessing Journal – Volume 15, Issue 1.  The spiritual application, found in the article here, draws parallels between microbial contamination in a bio-processing vessel and sin in the life of a Christian.  The spiritual application of the Contamination Triangle can help in your battle against sin.  The Sin Triangle article is located on this website if you would like to read it.


Lady LibertyPatriotism

For years Christians in America have been extremely patriotic and exalted the love of God and country.  This article was written after I read a post by a confused Christian.  In her post she wondered, “Is the love of God & Country going away?”  America may have been a predominately Christian culture in the past, but it has changed radically.  This article examines the question of how patriotic Christians ought to be in modern day America.

Spiritual Fruitfulness

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