God’s Revealed Truth vs. “the Traditions of Men”

This section of the Revealed Truth website will contain longer articles revealing Bible truth about a variety of different topics.  The goal is to help your understanding of God’s Will as revealed in His Word.

Warning – Some of these articles may be controversial

Jesus challenged the Scribes and Pharisees in His day because they often placed greater importance on legalism and the traditions of men than on the Word of God.  They were not happy as the Son of God pointed out their errors and corrected their thinking.

I hope you find these articles helpful and a blessing.  Some of them may challenge your current beliefs as we examine the scriptures to find the truth revealed in God’s Word, the Bible.


My goal is to proclaim God’s truth as accurately as possible, but I am a fallible human, so I may make some mistakes.   I am open to instruction though, because I want what I say to be right.  If you think I am wrong about something, please contact me with your scriptural support.  If you can show me from the Bible that I have erred, then I am prepared to revise anything I write.




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