Who was Lucifer? Where did Satan come from? Why is the Devil evil? The first fall


Chapter-4 of

THE FALL – How Paradise was Lost

by William D Ogden

Have you ever wondered?

  • Where did Satan come from? 
  • When was he created? 
  • Who was Lucifer? 
  • How did a holy angel become evil? 
  • Who sinned first?

THE FALL – How Paradise was Lost elaborates on the first four chapters of Genesis as Biblical fiction, portraying the truths of creation and the fall in story form.

The 4th chapter of THE FALL describes creation through the eyes of Lucifer. It also tells the story of how he fell from holiness to become Satan, our adversary the devil.

Chapter 4 – The First Fall

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! . . .
Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee. . .
For thou hast said in thine heart, . . . I will be like The Most High.

Isaiah 14:12-14 & Ezekiel 28:15

In his beginning, Lucifer was suddenly just there, and he was fully aware. He seemed to remember hearing a voice call him into existence, but he could not recall the words. He knew who had spoken though, the almighty, self-existent God.

He knew his name was Lucifer and he was made to serve his creator. He was an angelic being in a spiritual realm called Heaven. He and Gabriel had the exalted honor of being guardian cherubs, who would stand continually in the presence the Most High God, covering His holy throne with their outstretched golden wings.

This gave him the perfect vantage point to observe what God did and hear what the Almighty said as He continued His work. Lucifer watched and listened as the all-powerful creator continued bringing other angels into being by the power of His words. Could it be that he had just been spoken into existence like these others?

He was not sure he liked that. He did not like the thought of someone else having that much power over him. Still he was amazed by what was happening. He forgot those disturbing thoughts as he marveled at the awesome things God was doing.

Then he heard God say, “Let there be light!

Suddenly bright light shone across the heavens, and Lucifer saw that God was creating two realms at once. In addition to the spiritual domain he was part of, God was creating a physical universe. There didn’t seem to be much to the physical realm though. It was dark and empty. It appeared to just be a gigantic, nothingness spreading out in all directions.

The spiritual kingdom he lived in was already filled with angels and contained the throne room of God Most High. And he, Lucifer, held the most prestigious position in heaven. He was a covering cherub who spread his wings over the very throne of the Almighty God. He liked having such a high, exalted position. It made him feel important, and superior to the other angels.

Lucifer thought the physical realm vastly inferior to his heavens. He felt strangely attracted to the darkness of that universe though. He could shine brightly in that blackness, or hide unseen, whichever he wanted.

Lucifer noticed a big ball in the middle of the empty universe. This must be what God called the earth, but there was nothing to it. It was just an empty globe with no form. The earth seemed divided. One side had light; he heard God call this “day.” The other half was dark; God called that “night.”

Lucifer could not see where the light came from. ‘Is God the source of that light?’ he wondered. ‘And why was His Spirit hovering over the watery surface of that barren world? What was the Almighty doing?’

Then the action seemed to stop. Lucifer did not see any more changes and wondered why. ‘Why did God just make a ball and shine light on it? Surely there must be more to it.’

God had quickly created the spirit realm. The cherubim, seraphim and other heavenly creatures had already been given their assignments. They were already busy doing their Creator’s will and singing His praise. ‘Why was He taking so long with this material realm?’

Lucifer noticed that the earth was slowly turning. After it completed one revolution, God spoke again, “Let there be an expanse in the middle of the waters to separate the waters.

‘What did that mean?’

As Lucifer watched, the earth seemed to grow before his eyes. Now it was surrounded by a cloudy vapor that shrouded his view of the watery surface below. He kept watching, but nothing else seemed to be happening. The earth just kept spinning, day following night. ‘What was God doing? And why was He taking so long?’

After the earth finished rotating through another night and day cycle, God said, Let the water under the sky be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear.

In response to God’s words, the watery earth trembled as solid ground rose up out of the water, displacing the water which rushed away from the land in immense waves. When the land stopped growing and the waters calmed, he saw that dry ground now filled about one third of the earth’s surface. He heard God call the waters surrounding the land, “Seas.”

Lucifer wished he had the power to raise mountains from the sea like the Almighty Creator.

Then he heard God speak again. This time He said, Let the land produce vegetation: plants yielding seeds according to their kinds, and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.

Then green things started sprouting up out of the brown ground, radiating from the center of the land and fanning out in all directions like a wave until it crashed into the ocean. It even extended into the sea, as algae and seaweed came into being.

Looking closer, he could see that the green carpet covering the earth was made of individual plants that grew from the ground and differed in kind. There was a great variety of plants, grass, herbs, and trees.

As Lucifer witnessed this, he could not help joining with the other angels, exclaiming with a loud voice, “Praise God for His creative genius and power!”

Lucifer wished he had the imagination and genius to be as creative as the Almighty God.

When the earth had completed its third revolution, God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days and years, and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth.

Suddenly a gigantic ball of light popped into existence near the earth. This new globe dwarfed the earth, being over a million times its size. The light God had been shining on the earth ceased as this star began lighting the earth and ruling its day.

The sun was blinding, so brilliant Lucifer could only glimpse at it before looking away. He did not like this star being more luminous and radiant than he. But still, he was more beautiful, and more importantly, he was alive.

Then another ball appeared next to the earth. Like the earth, this one had no light of its own, being lit only by the sun. It was smaller than the earth, and much closer to it than the sun. It was little more than a big rock, as empty as the earth on the day God created it, but the moon was clothed in dust and stone rather than water.

Lucifer wondered what the moon’s purpose was. ‘How was this barren ball supposed to “rule the night?” Why couldn’t he do that? After all, he was brighter and more beautiful than that oversized rock.’

He was attracted to the darkness though. He thought he might like being ‘ruler of the night.’

Then he noticed motion. Everything in the material realm was moving. Not only was the earth spinning, it was also slowly moving in a big arc perpendicular to the sun. ‘Was it moving in a circle around the sun?’

A closer look at the moon showed Lucifer that it was circling the earth, the way the earth was orbiting the sun. And like the earth, the moon was spinning, but more slowly.

Suddenly lights started blinking into existence in the expanse surrounding the earth and sun. There were thousands of them, no millions, no even more! He lost count as he kept watching the lights appear farther and farther from the earth. These lights looked tiny, but he knew they must be giant stars like the sun.

Without thinking, Lucifer joined the other angels in singing God’s praise as the Creator continued making more and more stars, that kept filling the physical heavens, spreading out in a wave of light, that kept going and going beyond comprehension or sight. Now this was more like it! God’s power seemed infinite!

Lucifer wished he were like God, his strength and skill having no limit.

The physical realm was certainly no longer empty. Now it was an infinite sphere that seemed to stretch out forever. It was filled with pin points of light and starry clusters, surrounding the earth in all directions. Perhaps someday God would let him explore the mysteries of this amazing universe.

On the fifth day, he heard God say, Let the waters abound with swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth through the expanse of the sky.

Lucifer could not see the multitude of different fish, whales, mollusks, crabs, trilobites, and other sea creatures that began filling the waters of the earth, but he watched in wonder as birds, bats, insects, pterodactyls, and all the winged creatures began flying through the air. Then he heard God bless them all, telling them to Be fruitful and multiply; fill the sea and sky.

Lucifer tried to understand what God had made that day. All those moving creatures were alive in some way, but what they were he could not say. They were not spirit beings like God and the angels. Instead they seemed to be made of earthly clay.

Yet they had the ability to multiply by reproducing themselves. He could not do that. He and the other angels had all been individually created by God. That was a great honor, but it was also a limitation.

He wished he had the power to create life, like God.

On the sixth day, he heard God say, Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds, big beasts and little creeping things, all the animals of the earth, each according to its kind. Yesterday God had filled the sea and sky with living creatures. Today Lucifer watched as God covered the dry land with them.

Animals appeared in vast numbers all over the earth, thousands of different kinds, including every color, shape and size. There were little creeping insects like spiders and ants. There were cattle and sheep, dogs and cats, horses and rabbits, serpents and rats. He found the large ones most impressive, like the elephants and dinosaurs, especially the big bodied behemoth with the long neck and tail.

Lucifer wished his voice had God’s power. No matter how he tried, he just could not create what he wanted from nothing the way God did.

Words seemed to have immense power though. Maybe he could use his voice to speak words that would accomplish his will some other way. God always spoke truth. What would happen if he spoke non-truth?

‘Would lies have as much power as God’s truth?’

Then Lucifer heard God say,Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, over the cattle, over all the earth and over every little thing that creeps on the earth.

Lucifer did not like that last part. Having dominion over the earth sounded like a great honor. ‘Why should this ‘man,’ whatever it would be, have more authority than he?’

Lucifer wondered what God meant when He said, “Let Us make man in Our image.

‘What is man that God should be so mindful of him? And what would its being made in God’s image mean?’

He knew that when God spoke, things happened. ‘What would happen in response to these words?’

This time the Almighty Creator did not just speak this man into existence from a distance as He had the rest of creation. The presence of the Eternal God appeared on the earth in the form of one of those creatures of flesh, and He formed the body of a man from the dust of the ground.

‘Why did the Holy God take on the appearance of this body of dirt He was making?’

He watched as the Living God in human form bent over the body of the man, put His mouth over its nose, and breathed into its nostrils the breath of life. Lucifer did not realize it at the time, but at that moment the body became a living man as God gave him an eternal soul.

As Lucifer continued watching, he saw God Almighty introduce Himself to the man and help him stand. He named the man, “Adam,” and let the man call Him, “Immanuel.” God spent hours with the man of clay, walking and talking with him throughout the day. Lucifer looked on as Immanuel taught the man and let him name the animals.

Then Adam lay down, and Lucifer watched in morbid fascination as Immanuel cut the man open and took something out of his side. Immanuel quickly closed the man’s wound and walked away with a bloody bone. ‘What was God doing now?’

God put the bone down on the ground and it started to grow and take on new form. This body looked much like the man but was smaller and slightly different in shape.

He heard Immanuel say, “Breathe.” Then he saw the body’s belly expand as it drew its first breath. Immanuel then introduced Himself to the creature and answered its questions as He had with the first man. God spent less time teaching this one though. He soon brought it over to Adam instead.

Lucifer watched intently as the couple met. They were so absorbed in each other that they both forgot about everything else, including God despite His physical presence right there with them! Then Immanuel interrupted them to tell the man that He had created a companion for him and let Adam name it. Then the man named his companion ‘Woman.’

Apparently, man was a kind like the animals in having males and females to reproduce. Adam was a male; ‘Woman’ was a female. This was different from the heavenly host.

The spirit beings were each separately created directly by God. They were sexless and independent of each other, with no males or females. All the angels there would ever be had already been made.

Immanuel spent still more time with the man and woman, answering their questions and teaching them. Finally, he left them alone together for the night. But even then, He promised to come back and walk with them in the morning!

Strange feelings began welling up inside of Lucifer. ‘God had not paid that much attention to him, the other angels in heaven, or the animals on earth. Why was He giving so much time and personal care to this creation?’

‘Why were these creatures made of dirt being given authority to rule the earth?’

He, Lucifer, was smarter, more powerful, and more beautiful than this man of flesh. ‘Why should man rule the world rather than he?’ Only later would God name and explain the emotions he was feeling: Pride, Jealousy and Anger.

Immanuel had spent hours talking with the man and woman, now Lucifer wanted answers. It was his turn for some personal attention from his creator! His position as a guarding cherub covering God’s throne made it easy to address Him.

“Most High, may I ask you a question?” Lucifer asked.

Of course, Lucifer, what would you like to know?” answered the Eternal God from His throne.

“How could You defile Your holiness by taking on the flesh of an animal made from dirt?”

First, they are not animals, Lucifer,” God replied. “I appeared in the form of a man, not an animal. While their bodies are made of flesh and share many of the same design features as animals, the man and woman are much more than animals.

They are people, created in My image, with a mind, body, and eternal soul. They can think, speak, and express themselves creatively. They are alive spiritually as well as physically because My Spirit indwells them.

Second, there is nothing unclean about the physical universe or anything in it. I created it perfect, and everything is still very good.

But that is not what is troubling you Lucifer. What do you really want to say?

“What makes these people so special? Why did You appear to them in flesh, spending hours with them, answering their questions?” Lucifer wanted to know.

People are the reason I created the heavens and the earth. I made man in My image so they would be like Me. I wanted children who would love Me, honor Me, and be My friends.

Why are you jealous, Lucifer?” God asked. “I have been in your presence here in the throne room of heaven since the moment I made you. I am not limited by space and time as you creatures are.

My Spirit fills the universe; My presence is everywhere. And of all things, I am continually aware. You could have asked Me anything at any time, and I would have answered you.

That is not all though, is it? Why are you so angry, Lucifer? What is bothering you the most?

“Why did You give dominion over the earth and its creatures to mankind? That’s not fair!” Lucifer exclaimed. “The angels were here first, we are more powerful, and we are not limited by having to eat, sleep or breathe air!”

I am the potter; you creatures are the clay. It is not your place to ask why I made you that way.” God responded.

I have made everything according to My plan. Everything has a reason and a purpose to fulfill. I have distributed gifts to every creature based on the role it fills.

Birds have wings, enabling them to fly; while fish swim in water, hidden from the sky. Some animals run, some hop, others crawl, but this they have in common, I made them all. Each animal accepts its position and makes the most of it; you should too.

To the angels, I have given the honor of serving Me in Heaven. Your joy should be in doing My will, which includes ministering to My children on earth.”

“You share My spirit nature, live in My presence, and see Me in truth. I have given you moral understanding and freedom of will. For these gifts you should be grateful and choose to obey Me still.

You have an exalted position, guarding the throne of God; you walk amidst the stones of fire, where few others have trod. Lucifer, you least of all, have reason to complain. I have filled you with beauty, wisdom, and splendor; what more would you gain?

Lucifer answered, “I want to rule the world; I want power, dominion and fame. I want to be like You, and have people fear my name.”

Beware of pride; it comes before a fall. Humility is the way of wisdom,” said the Creator of all. “There is still hope for you, Lucifer. You need not take this downward path. You can choose to obey; you do not have to turn away.

Your pride, covetousness, and anger are not good, but you will be accepted if you do as you should. You must control your emotions. Pride, jealousy and anger are choices; do not let them rule over you.

You can still choose to love and trust Me. And if you do choose to obey, My joy and peace will fill you today.

There is something else you should know. Eternal punishment awaits anyone who rebels and becomes My foe. If you use your freedom to oppose My will, to chains in darkness and fiery torment you will go. Why would you choose pain and the darkness of night; when you could have eternal joy, dwelling in My light?

I see darkness fills your heart this day, so another command I give you, which you must obey. You may not touch the man or woman or hurt them in any way.

That ended their conversation, but not Lucifer’s brooding thoughts.

Lucifer’s jealousy grew the next day as he watched Immanuel spend even more time with the man and woman He had made, honoring them again with His presence and answering their questions. ‘The Almighty loved them, wanted to spend time with them, and gave them authority to rule the world! Who were these creatures of clay that the Creator should bless them that way?

Lucifer’s thoughts grew darker as he plotted how to break their fellowship with God and steal their authority.

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