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Remember Jesus on Memorial Day

    On Memorial Day, Remember Jesus Christ's death on the cross and millions of Christian martyrs who died for their faith.

    The Meaning of Memorial Day On the last Monday of May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day each year. It is a day that has been set apart to remember Americans who have given their lives in the defense of their country. On Veterans Day we appreciate all military veterans (past and present) who have been willing […]

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    A Biblical Overview of Young Earth Geology

      A 15-Minute Overview of Young Earth Geology based on Bible History

      A 15-minute Overview of Biblical Creation Geology by Bill Ogden I had the opportunity to go on a Bible study tour of Turkey and Greece with Biblical Byways in 2018. On this tour, we visited many sites where the apostle Paul traveled on his missionary journeys. We spent hours on a bus traveling between the […]

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      If We Confess Our Sins – The Joy of Forgiveness / 1 John 1:9

        If We Confess Our Sins - The Joy of Forgiveness - 1 John 1:9

        Do you want to have joy? True joy comes from having a loving relationship with the God who created us. But sin hinders fellowship with our Holy God. So, forgiveness of sins is essential for maintaining fellowship with God. The apostle John has shown us the way (1 John 1). If you want to know […]

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        Is Money the Root of All Evil?

          The Love of Money is a Root of All Evils

          You may have heard, “Money is the root of all evil” But is that true? What does the Bible say? “Money is the root of all evil” is a misquote of 1 Timothy 6:10, taken out of context. A literal, word for word translation from the Greek would be: “Root for of all evils is […]

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          The Meaning of the Wedding Feast Parable

            The Wedding Feast Parable

            The Parable of the Wedding Feast Jesus often taught spiritual truths in the form of parables or stories.  Some of the parables were explained by Jesus in the Bible; others were not.  One left without explanation is the parable of the wedding feast found in Matthew 22.  Keep reading if you would like help understanding the […]

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            THE FALL – Introducing the Story

              THE FALL - How Paradise was Lost

              Introducing: THE FALL How Paradise was Lost by William D Ogden Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly come to life in a fully formed adult body like Adam and Eve, with all normal adult abilities including speech and physical coordination, but with no memories?  If God were to welcome you […]

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              Choose Life

                Sanctity of Human Life

                The Sanctity of Human Life The Bible informs us that God created people in His image (Genesis 1:26-27).  Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s one command by eating the forbidden fruit and brought about the curse on the earth, which resulted in toil, suffering, and death. People have been sinful by nature ever since, but […]

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                What do you Delight In?

                  Delight in Doing God's Will

                  Does what you delight in Please God? Dreaming of Death and Delight I recently had a dream where I was surrounded by water. Suddenly a tidal wave crashed over me, plunging me deep into a watery abyss, cut off from the breath of life.  In my dream, I knew I was about to drown, so […]

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                  Two Advent Stories in Isaiah

                    For unto us a Son is given - Isaiah 9:6

                    At Christmas time, Christians celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, into the world as a man through the virgin birth.  We remember the two advent stories in Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18–2:12.  We reflect on the humble birth of our Savior by the virgin Mary, His being laid in a manger because there was […]

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                    Is Unforgiveness an Unforgivable Sin?

                      You have probably heard that unforgiveness is extremely unhealthy.  In addition to destroying relationships in your life, internalizing anger and bitterness can lead to many physical diseases and psychological problems.  That is why being unforgiving has been likened to drinking poison in the hope that it will hurt the person you are angry with. As […]

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