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    BOOK Recommendations

    Recommended Books Page

    This folder will contain information about books I have written (as I write them).

    These books are all available on Amazon as Kindle books.   FYI – You don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books.  Free Kindle Reader Apps are available for PC, Android, and Apple devices.

    Creation Matters

    Why Creation Matters

    3-Bible Reason All Christians Should Reject Evolution

    by William D Ogden

    This book is an in-depth Bible study of the importance of Biblical Creation to our faith, God’s identity, and Christian theology.  It presents 3-Biblical reasons why all Christians should believe in a recent 6-day creation as revealed in Genesis.  The Bible clearly teaches that an all-powerful, pre-existent God created the heavens and the earth, the sea and all life in six literal 24-hour days.  This truth is the foundation upon which all other Christian doctrines rest.  Learn more

    Evolution is a Fairy Tale

    Evolution – The Fairy Tale of Science

    Why Every Christian Should Believe in Biblical Creation

    by William D Ogden

    This short book compares the theory of evolution to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” fairy tale by Hans Christen Andersen, and calls believers in Jesus Christ to trust the Word of God, including when it teaches Creation.

    • Do you believe that God created the world as described in the Bible book of Genesis, but you do not know how to defend your faith against Evolutionists?
    • Do “scientists” proclaiming that Evolution is a “proven fact” ever intimidate you?
    • Are you unsure what to believe about the origin of life and the universe, but are open minded enough to consider the possibility of Biblical Creation?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.

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    THE FALL - How Paradise was LostTHE FALL

    How Paradise was Lost

    by William D Ogden

    Preview a new Biblical fiction based on the first 4-chapters of the book of Genesis.  This book will answer many of the fundamental questions of life, while fleshing out the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, Creation, The Fall, and more.  This book is still in development, but you can get a taste of the introductory chapter.  Sample THE FALL Preview

    What I Saw In My Garden - book cover

    What I Saw In My Garden

    by Oliver Stone Dean

    This book was written by my great-great grandfather in 1923.   In it, Rev. Dean uses garden imagery to illustrate spiritual truth.

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