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The First Fall – Satan’s Story

    Who was Lucifer? Where did Satan come from? Why is the Devil evil?

    THE FIRST FALL Chapter-4 of THE FALL – How Paradise was Lost by William D Ogden Have you ever wondered? Where did Satan come from?  When was he created?  Who was Lucifer?  How did a holy angel become evil?  Who sinned first? “THE FALL – How Paradise was Lost“ elaborates on the first four chapters […]

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    What My Great-Great Grandfather Saw In His Garden

      Rev. Dr. Dean

      Would it surprise you to learn that there were several preachers in my ancestry?  A few years ago, my sister sent me a copy of a book by our great, great grandfather, Oliver Stone Dean (1835 – 1927).  In 1923, he published a short book entitled, “What I Saw In My Garden“.  In this book, he […]

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