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Evolution is a Fairy Tale

 Evolution – The Fairy Tale of Science

Why Every Christian Should

Believe In Biblical Creation

(Available on Amazon.com as a Kindle book)

Have you ever noticed the similarity between the fairy tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen and the modern religion of evolution?

Most people are familiar with the story of the vain king who only cared about his wardrobe and new clothes.  Two thieves pretended they were weavers and offered to make him splendid new clothes made of an extraordinary fabric that was invisible to anyone stupid or unfit for his job.  The king ordered the clothes, and the impostors pretended to weave the exquisite material on an empty loom.

They declared the new clothes ready and dressed the emperor in nothing but air and lies.  No one could see the non-existent cloth, including the king and his ministers, but all were afraid to admit they could not see the fabric; because that would mean they were stupid or unfit for office.  So everyone admired the clothes they could not see.

Then the king paraded down the street dressed only in his birthday suit and pride.  Everyone admired his invisible clothes until an innocent child declared, “The emperor is naked!”  The crowd then agreed with the child, but the king continued on, wearing only his foolish dignity.

The high priests of evolution dogmatically declare that evolution is a “proven fact,” but I have never seen the proof.  Have you?  They claim creation is religion and only evolution is science, but is that really true?

Genuine science deals with what can be observed in the present, what can be tested, and what can be replicated.  But the origin of the universe, time, and life occurred in the unobserved past.  It cannot be tested or repeated.  Evolution is just as religious a theory as creation because both beliefs are accepted by faith without actual proof.

Genuine science deals with what can be observed in the present, what can be tested, and what can be replicated.

Like the frauds in the story, evolutionists seek to scare people into professing faith in evolution by weaving tales about creationists being stupid and incompetent.  Today Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye publicly proclaim that anyone who believes in creation rather than evolution is deluded and unfit to be a scientist, engineer, or medical doctor.  But the bold bigotry of these claims is pure fabrication.

Many of the world’s greatest scientists believed in God and creation rather than evolution.  The list includes Johannes Kepler, Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton, and Louis Pasteur to name just a few.  In addition to creating vaccines, developing pasteurization, and advancing microbiology, Pasteur performed experiments that disproved the theory of “Spontaneous Generation.”  Pasteur summarized this in the Latin phrase, “Omne vivum ex vivo,” which means: “all life (is) from life.”

“All life (is) from life”

Being a good scientist, engineer or doctor requires understanding and applying the laws of nature as they exist in the present, on which both creationists and evolutionists agree.  What one believes about the origin of life and the universe is irrelevant to one’s ability to use the scientific method, practice medicine or apply modern engineering principles.

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