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Are you “Fat and Flourishing?” – Psalm 92:12-15

Are you Flourishing? Psalm 92:14

While enjoying an all-you-can-eat meal at Maggiano’s restaurant in honor of my oldest son’s birthday, his wife said, “I feel my fat flourishing.”  I laughed and commented on her unusual expression.  She replied that it was Biblical; she remembered the phrase “fat and flourishing” from her Bible reading. When I questioned it, my son did […]

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Got Faith?

Are you living for God?

How would you feel: If people doubted that what you said was true? If people did not trust you to help them? If people gave the credit for your achievements to others, or to luck? If your children were embarrassed to let people know you were their mother or father?   Do you ever: Doubt […]

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Are You a Syncretist?

Religious Syncretism

Are You a Syncretist? Syncretism is the merging of different beliefs or practices into something new (see:,, and/or Religious Syncretism combines differing religious beliefs, philosophies, or practices into a new tradition (see: Wikipedia and/or A Syncretist is someone who attempts or practices syncretism (Wiktionary or Old Testament Examples The first […]

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Why I Can Eat Bacon

Breakfast at Nona

Why Christians Are Allowed to Eat Pork A friend who believes in long ages of time rather than recent creation once challenged my belief in the literal interpretation of Genesis.  I started explaining evidences that argue in favor of a recent creation such as the fact that the moon is moving away from the earth […]

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Is Jesus Ashamed of You?

Are You Ashamed of Jesus?

Are you a Christian? Are you trusting Jesus to take you to Heaven? Has there been a time in your life when you repented of your sin and placed your faith in the blood of Jesus Christ to save you from your sin? If you consider yourself to be a Christian, then I have a […]

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To Trump or Never Trump

To Trump or Not to Trump

To Trump or Never Trump Division in the Body of Christ To Trump or Not to Trump, that is the question many good conservative Christians are asking themselves today. Whether ‘tis nobler in the eyes of God to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune brought on by a violently anti-Christian Clinton administration, or […]

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Are You Tied Up in NOTs?

Tied Up in NOTs

We are all burdened with thousands of rules, laws, and commands NOT to do things.  “Do NOT Touch;” “Do NOT Enter;” “Do NOT Pass;” the list seems endless.  Even 8 of the 10-Commandments are “Thou shalt NOT . . .” commands. From the time we were born, our parents, teachers, friends, religion, government, and culture […]

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