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Titus 3:5 – God Saves Us By the Regeneration and Renewing of the Holy Spirit

    Titus 3-5 God Saved Us by Regeneration and Renewal

    God Saves By His Mercy NOT Our Works! Titus 3:5 You have read it, memorized it, and even quoted it in sharing the gospel.  But have you ever really studied this verse and considered everything it says? Many people understand the first part of the verse: “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, […]

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    Do You Believe Jesus is the Christ, the Resurrection and Life?

      John 11:25-26 Are You Going to Die?

      Pop Quiz:  True or False: You are going to die Most people would answer, “True.”  In fact, most people would think this a silly question because everybody knows that everyone dies.  But according to Jesus, that is not always true; it depends on you.  Come study the Bible with me to get the answer. Our […]

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