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If We Confess Our Sins – The Joy of Forgiveness / 1 John 1:9

    If We Confess Our Sins - The Joy of Forgiveness - 1 John 1:9

    Do you want to have joy? True joy comes from having a loving relationship with the God who created us. But sin hinders fellowship with our Holy God. So, forgiveness of sins is essential for maintaining fellowship with God. The apostle John has shown us the way (1 John 1). If you want to know […]

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    The Healing Faith of Blind Bartimaeus – Mark 10:46-52

      Healing Faith of Blind Bartimaeus

      Mark 10:46-52 tells us about the healing faith of a blind man, named Bartimaeus.  My last post demonstrated the need to be specific when you pray, based on a parallel passage in Matthew 20:30-34.  Matthew spoke of two blind men who cried out for mercy, and Jesus asking them what they wanted before He healed […]

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      Be Specific When You Pray

        Pray Specifically

        When You Pray – Be Specific  Mt 20:30-34 If you want your prayers answered, you must be specific in your request.  Be clear about what you are asking for.  The need to be precise in your prayer requests is clearly illustrated in the story of the two blind men in Matthew 20:30-34. And as they departed from […]

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        Daniel Gave Thanks – What Would You Do?

          Daniel Prayed and Gave Thanks to God

          Daniel 6:1-13 tells of a time when wicked men, jealous of Daniel’s advancement, sought a false pretext against Daniel to discredit him so he would be removed from his position of power.  They knew he was too diligent, honest, and faithful to find any real fault.  So, they convinced the king to make it illegal […]

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          The Last Prayer of Jacob

            The Last Prayer of Jacob

            Jacob’s Last Prayer Genesis 32:9-12 After 20-years, Jacob was heading home to the land God promised his grandfather Abraham.  Jacob was obeying God’s command to return home, so he was in the will of God.  But he was scared. He had just been confronted by his father-in-law Laban, and the men with him.  God had […]

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            Will You Stand in the Gap for God?

              Will you Stand in the Gap and intercede? - Ezekiel 22:30-31

              Two of the saddest verses in the Bible are found in Ezekiel 22:30-31 This passage presents God’s inner turmoil.  His holiness and justice often demand punishment, but His love wants to show mercy.  Probably the most famous verse showing this conflict is John 3:16. God is “not willing that any should perish, but that all […]

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              Psalm 94 – A Prayer for Today

                Psalm 94:20 - Wicked Rulers Devise Evil Laws

                Can wicked rulers be allied with You, those who frame injustice by statute? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death. (Psalm 94:20-21 / ESV) Do these verses remind you of a nation you know? Many European nations rejected God decades ago.  Now America is speeding down the […]

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