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A Biblical Overview of Young Earth Geology

    A 15-Minute Overview of Young Earth Geology based on Bible History

    A 15-minute Overview of Biblical Creation Geology by Bill Ogden I had the opportunity to go on a Bible study tour of Turkey and Greece with Biblical Byways in 2018. On this tour, we visited many sites where the apostle Paul traveled on his missionary journeys. We spent hours on a bus traveling between the […]

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    THE FALL – Introducing the Story

      THE FALL - How Paradise was Lost

      Introducing: THE FALL How Paradise was Lost by William D Ogden Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly come to life in a fully formed adult body like Adam and Eve, with all normal adult abilities including speech and physical coordination, but with no memories?  If God were to welcome you […]

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      Radiocarbon in Dinosaur Fossils Proves they are Young

        Radiocarbon in Dinosaur Fossils

        Carbon-14 Dating of Dinosaur Fossils Buries Evolution Did you know that Carbon-14 has been found in dinosaur fossils? This is an extraordinary discovery because Carbon-14 has a half-life of only 5,730 years.  As a result, any Carbon-14 in a sample should decay to undetectable levels well under 100,000 years.  This means that any fossil containing […]

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        Genesis – Paradise Lost Movie

          Genesis - Paradise Lost

          Genesis – Paradise Lost Was in theaters on November 13 and 16, and December 11th, 2017 Now Available for Order on Blu-ray and DVD at Sevenfold Films and Creation Today (in association with Resurrection Pictures and Kingdomworks Studios) produced a feature film presenting the truth of Biblical Creation in a way that is educational and […]

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          The Ark Has Landed in Williamstown, KY

            AIG ArK Encounter Image

            Answers in Genesis has launched their Ark Encounter ministry! On Tuesday, July 5th, I had the privilege to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Answers-In-Genesis Ark Encounter along with my oldest son, my sister, and 8,300 other people.  On Wednesday I went back with my wife, my son, and his wife (and about […]

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            1 Peter 3:15 – Are You Ready to Answer Evolutionists?

              1 Peter 3:15 Always Be Ready to Answer

              The apostle Peter told us to always be ready to answer anyone who asks us the reason for our Christian hope (1 Pet 3:15). These days, that often means being ready to answer Evolutionists as to the reason for our belief in Biblical Creation. On June 5th, 2016, I saw a snarky meme by Chuck […]

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              It’s Time to Decide!

                Decide, Choose Who You Will Serve

                As I read the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, I am often struck with sorrow and fear. God chose Israel, miraculously delivered them from Egypt, and gave them the Promised Land.  He also promised to bless them if they would just obey Him and walk in His ways (Jer. 7:23). Despite God’s blessings, the children of […]

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                The Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes

                  Almighty God

                  Sherlock Holmes once said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” (The Sign of Four, 1890) Atheists have rejected God as a possibility, so they claim that evolution, no matter how improbable, must be true. That is their story, and they are sticking to it. Even though evolution […]

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                  Teach No Other Doctrine

                    John 12:43 - Confess Jesus as the Creator

                    Confess Christ as Creator! In 1 Timothy 1:3-7, Paul urged Timothy to remain in Ephesus that he might charge people to teach no other doctrine nor give heed to myths and endless genealogies because some wanted to teach the law rather than grace. We have people departing from the truth revealed in the Bible today […]

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