A 15-minute Overview of Biblical Creation Geology

by Bill Ogden

I had the opportunity to go on a Bible study tour of Turkey and Greece with Biblical Byways in 2018. On this tour, we visited many sites where the apostle Paul traveled on his missionary journeys.

We spent hours on a bus traveling between the archaeological sites we visited. As we traveled, one of our tour leaders (Les and Kathy Bruce) or our local tour guide (Tulu) would talk about the early history of these areas. One of the highlights for me, was the opportunity to present a Biblical overview of the earth’s history and geology from a Christian perspective.

Our Turkish tour guide often gave long age, secular explanations of the local geology. One day Kathy Morris Bruce (one of ICR-founder Henry Morris‘s daughters) stood up and said that as Bible believers, many of us on the tour have an alternate explanation of the earth’s age and geology.

Kathy knew I was a student of Creation Science, so she invited me to speak to the bus, providing the alternate view based on faith in God’s Word, the Bible. One of the men on the bus filmed me with his Go-Pro as I spoke. The video embedded above is a 15-minute overview of young earth history based on Biblical Creation and a global flood, as revealed in Genesis.

The talk included:

  • 0:00 – Differing World Views lead to different interpretations of the evidence
  • 3:00 – The Global Flood in the Days of Noah
  • 4:01 – The post-flood world
  • 4:35 – Nimrod’s Rebellion and the Tower of Babylon
  • 5:14 – God confuses the language and ‘the table of nations’
  • 6:00 – Cave dwellers
  • 6:47 – The Ice Age and how it happened
  • 9:01 – The global flood provides a better explanation for fossils and sedimentary rock layers
  • 11:07 – Soft tissue in Dinosaur fossils
  • 12:01 – Carbon-14 in diamonds and Dinosaur fossils
  • 12:47 – Cave paintings and sculptures of dinosaurs
  • 13:05 – Dragon Legends
  • 13:31 – Radiometric Dating assumptions and errors

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