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These pages provide galleries of Bible Verse “memes” created by Bill Ogden of Revealed Truth

Salvation Bible Verse Gallery

John 3:16 God Gave His Son so anyone who Believes can have Eternal Life

Bible Versions

Most Bible verse quotes are from the King James Version (KJV).  If a verse does not identify the source, then it is from the KJV.  The rare exceptions, which quote a different version for clarity, designate their source in compliance with copyright rules, as described in our Copyright and Permissions Policy.

Copyright and Usage Permission:

These memes and all other materials on the RevealedTruth.com website are copyrighted to William D. Ogden (Bill Ogden’s legal name) of Revealed Truth.  You may not modify any of these images/memes or use them for commercial purposes without specific permission.

Please feel free to:
  • LINK to any image/meme or specific post on my site.
  • SHARE unaltered images / memes to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites.
  • Use unaltered images /memes (with attribution) in Bible presentations, Bible study materials, Sunday school lessons, etc. of a non-commercial nature.

Please visit the Revealed Truth Copyright and Permissions page for more information regarding our usage policy.

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