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Be Reasonable – Fear God and Repent – Isaiah 1:15-31

    Isaiah 1:18 - Come Now and Let Us Reason Together, saith the LORD

    Isaiah Preached to a Rebellious and Sinful People The prophet Isaiah was called by God to warn God’s people of the coming judgment for their sin.  He was to call them to repentance, even though they would not listen.  God was tired of their going through the religious motions of Temple worship, while their lives were immersed in sin […]

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    It’s Time to Decide!

      Decide, Choose Who You Will Serve

      As I read the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, I am often struck with sorrow and fear. God chose Israel, miraculously delivered them from Egypt, and gave them the Promised Land.  He also promised to bless them if they would just obey Him and walk in His ways (Jer. 7:23). Despite God’s blessings, the children of […]

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