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7 Steps to Spiritual Fruitfulness

    Time to Prune my Rose Bush!

      Does Your Life Need Pruning? – Part-2 In Part-1 of this series, we examined John 15:1-8.  God the Father is looking for fruit in the lives of His children.  Jesus said that if we abide in Him (Jesus), then we will bear fruit.  He also said that the Father prunes those abiding in Him […]

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    Does Your Life Need Pruning?

      Prune that rose bush

      When I arrived home from work one day, I noticed a wildly overgrown branch on a rose-bush in our front garden.  I hadn’t noticed the growth of this branch as it was happening.  Suddenly, it was just there. That one extra-long branch was detracting from the beautiful purpose of the rose-bush.  So it had to […]

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